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Lifestyle Marketing
As more developers begin to build active adult communities the competition will continue to rise. For this reason, developers are looking for any advantage that they can find. One of the ways that some of them are gaining the upper hand is through lifestyle marketing. Generally speaking, this is when a lifestyle is sold to prospective buyers as opposed to the home itself. Developers are using this method of marketing when trying to create sales for active adult communities. Not only do potential buyers want a home that they can live in, but they also want to be able to take advantage of a top notch lifestyle. So how are developers doing this? When targeting buyers for active adult communities they touch on things such as the activities available, the close proximity.....   Full Story

The Perfect Retirement Community: Where to Search
There are hundreds of active retirement communities all over the country that are drawing the attention of baby boomers. The fact of the matter is that these people are nearing retirement age, and will be searching for someplace to call home when they finally hang up their work boots. But before you can move into an active retirement community, you need to first know where to find one. In states such as Florida, it seems like there is an active retirement community around every turn of the corner. You need to make sure that you look into every community so that you get what is best for your finances and personal living style. With endless options, finding a suitable active retirement community is not a hard task to complete. As you begin to search for an active retirement.....   Full Story

Why Buy into an Active Adult Community
Why buy a home in an active adult community? This is a question that is asked time and time again by people who are nearing retirement age, or have already reached this point in their life. The fact of the matter is that an active adult community is not right for everybody. There are some people who have a great time after they move to an active adult community and others who feel that it was a mistake. In order to avoid any mistakes your best bet is to learn as much about active adult communities as possible before you actually make a move. Here are three reasons that you should consider buying a unit in an active adult community. Not all of these will suit you as a person, but they should at least open your eyes to the advantages and benefits. 1. When you live in.....   Full Story

Why is an Active Retirement Community a good idea?
Why is an active retirement community a good idea? This is a question that you may have on your mind if you are considering a move into one of these communities. The fact of the matter is that active retirement communities are more popular than ever before, and there must be a reason for this, right? While there are some reasons as to why you should consider moving into an active retirement community, this is different for everybody. You need to make sure that you know why it is a good idea for you; not for anybody else. For most people, the number one reason to move into an active retirement community is so that they can live a higher quality of life. When you move into a home in one of these communities you will have the chance to live maintenance free on the outside, and full.....   Full Story

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