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Latest Active Adult Community News

The Changing World of Active Adult Communities
Active adult communities are not the same as they once were. There was a time when these were nothing more than a place where seniors could live in the same community. While this is still the case, active adult communities now offer much more than just that. If you have never taken the time to see what these new communities are all about you may be missing out on something that is quite remarkable. The way that this industry has changed as of late is very interesting to say the least. So what is different about the new wave of active adult communities? Simply put, the new developments take the word “active” to the new level. Developers know that seniors want to stay active, so they have found new way of doing this. They are offering advanced activities such as swimming, tennis,.....   Full Story

Active Adult Communities
A new resort and retirement community has been proposed for the Wilson area along Lake Ontario. If things go as planned, this will be the largest development to ever take place in the town. Although there are many people who are for this development, there are some that feel the location will compromise the lifestyle of residents who are already living in the area. If approved, this development would be a huge economic boost for the area. The estimated cost of the project is $240, and it would include: an 18 hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a 42 room hotel and spa, a gated community featuring more than 800 condominiums, and much more. The development would sit on 460 acres of land, and would generate more than $8 million in property taxes. Developers.....   Full Story

New Active Adult Community in Warren County
Heritage at Independence, a new active adult community, is scheduled to break ground in Warren County. Kaplan Cos. is currently working on securing the proper documentation and finalizing plans before they actually start the construction process. The cost of the project has yet to be released. This project will be the first one that Kaplan has completed in Warren County. Additionally, it will be the first active adult community to be built in the area. Generally speaking, this project is being built with active adults in mind. And with so many baby boomers looking to move in the near future, the timing could not have been any better. Not only will the 118 unit active adult community benefit the people who live there, but those in surrounding areas will also notice.....   Full Story

Baby Boomers and Retirement
The baby boomer generation may be getting older, but it does not mean that they have lost all of their sense of taste and style. This is especially true when it comes to the luxury features that are standard on a lot of the newer homes of today. Baby boomers have a very clear picture as to what they want from their retirement, and a lot of them are focusing strongly on luxury items. While it is a known fact that baby boomers are interested in moving into active adult communities, they still want to be able to live with a high level of luxury. Even if they have not been able to do this in the past, when retiring they hope to change this trend and live out their final years in style. The idea of buying a smaller home, perhaps in an active adult community, is very appealing.....   Full Story

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