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Country Club Communities

Country Club Communities
If you love golf, tennis, and beautiful greenery, an exclusive, privately owned country club community is more than likely to cater to both your athletic interests and housing needs. Traditionally, most people have thought of country club communities as the domain of the wealthy and privileged. Although this may still be true to a degree, modern country clubs are increasingly accessible to more and more people. Additionally, these country club communities have opened their doors to people with a wide range of interests.

The contemporary country club community is likely to feature amazing greenery, inclusive of lush flowers and bright green landscaping. In addition to the ever-popular golf court, paths are made available to bicyclers, joggers, walkers and runners. Country club communities may also offer facilities such as up-to-date personal fitness equipment and health centers. In addition to fitness equipment, users may also be able to make use of fitness instructors leading classes in aerobics or dancing! Some country club communities also offer spas, saunas, and swimming pools. The country club community may also invite its residents and approved guests to take advantage of available tennis courts and equestrian trails.

Other country clubs cater to family needs. This focus on the family environment may be enhanced by child-friendly activities and on-site venues. This may include children’s play and educational activity centers, as well as child-area pools, child horseback riding lessons, and more. Some communities boldly offer childcare access and services.

Most country club communities devote a tremendous amount of time to the social environment of the area. This may mean that guests are invited to engage in casual interaction in high-class dining spaces. Users may enjoy high-quality gourmet food that is comparable to countless menu options available in four class restaurants around the world.

In most cases, a country club community is a private established limited to members only. Anyone can apply, but it is possible that new members will only gain access through invitations or via approval from the current community. Other country club communities are not as exclusive, and may limit membership in other ways. For example, management may require that users reside on the property, or within a certain amount of miles of the country club community.

Membership to country club communities is often an ongoing financial investment. Dues may be required on a monthly, bimonthly, or annual basis. Membership dues, or fees, may also be tiered, meaning that certain amounts of dues will limit access to certain facilities. Higher dues are likely to increase access to other on-site facilities and amenities.

Privately owned country club communities are growing in popularity across the nation. Widespread appeal has even caused the concept of a country club community to generate interest in other countries and corners of the globe. This may be due, in part, to the array of activities that are offered to members. Interest in these clubs has spurred on the development of a niche market to the general real estate framework. Today, quite a few real estate agents devote their entire practice to country club and other resort-style living arrangements.

In the United States, housing in these country club communities will often cost residents at least $500,000. From that point, housing costs are nearly limitless. For example, Florida’s Taylor Woodrow Communities features private family residences that cost more than $4 million dollars. Some of those housing units are enhanced by beautiful views of waterfront and lush greenery.

In the real estate market, some architectural firms are wholly devoted to the idea of “planned living” centers. This has evolved from traditional gated communities to the inclusion of ever-growing creativity of the country club community arena. The Crosby Group, for instance, is a California based firm that devotes a portion of its business dealings to the erection of country club community structures. Architects such as Joe Lee and Pete Dye devote some of their professional services to the planning of golf courses. Golf courses are usually one of the primary attractors of people to country club communities.

On top of the luxury facilities, members of any country club community will enjoy the warm social atmosphere. Country club community members are often urged to involve themselves with activities that promote a sense of residential cohesion. Activities within the housing area forge strong social bonds that enhance the overall quality of life of the neighborhood. In many instances, activities cater to all age groups.

Management may offer different events such as family nights, senior citizen events, and social mixers for those seeking an intense, yet classy, party atmosphere. Themed social nights are more popular in country club communities where residents reside during certain seasons. These seasonal guests experience a different type of social interaction from permanent residents. In the end, every resident has the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that is luxurious, inviting, safe and fun.

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